Posted by: X-Ray Guy | January 29, 2009


Hi friends,
After 2 days gap.. probably too excited to have my very own blog, I would like to  introduce myself.. n my family. I hailed from Pahang, Malaysia and working as a radiologist in one of the private hospital in Johor Bahru , Malaysia. My daughter said my hospital is the busiest (or shall I say – craziest…)  hospital in the planet, coz I always not at home doing standby oncall…well probably. I have been as radiologist for 10 years and working in various hospital. My daughter had a blog too which I reckon one of the cool blog I have encountered.  Anyway she already advanced and I’m still novice..U are welcome to visit her blog in the link below..and give ur rating. My beloved wife is also a doctor n working as a cardiothoracic anaesthetist.. I hope i spell it correctly. In layman term, cardiothoracic anaesthetist is a specialised doctor who put sick people who having heart or lung diseases to sleep before the surgeon can operate on them. She is working in the goverment hospital. That all about me.. see u next time…Adios


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